We support our partners to achieve sustainable business growth by providing relevant information conferred in compelling insights. We permanently improve our service delivery and ensure that we provide accordant ideas and research concepts based on our partners' knowledge base. We keep our research services strategic with set key performance indicators advising our clients to use, own and integrate with all the active and relevant data sources available. Communication-based, we work together with our partners to ensure efficient research results implementation, providing support with a strategic vision.
BICEED offers a wide range of research solutions that cost-efficiently fit budgets and provides key information for decision-makers managing businesses ranging from SMEs to large enterprises. All of our research services stem from our communication-based way of work, aiming to provide our clients with an outsourced market research team to produce reliable insights supporting strategic moves, development and growth. Our research solutions are highly customisable, designed independently so as not to increase the budget and be significant for our clients' unique research needs.

The present-day customers develop the most intricate shopping behaviours while being highly aware of their needs. Our research outcomes in-depth information regarding customer metrics conferred with detailed multi-factor profiling. With highly customisable tools, we gather and analyse information directed to aid the optimisation of every step of the customer journey (CJ) and improve customer satisfaction (CSAT), customer service (CSR) and customer experience (CX). We provide pivotal insights set out to improve financial outcomes, upholding strategic decision-making.

Research outcomes:

  • Increasing your consumer base
  • Improving customer retention and loyalty
  • Increasing customer share of wallet (SOW)
  • Building brand awareness and equity.

Strategize multi-touch Customer Journey with in-depth CSAT, CSR and CX insights

Light up intertwined insights for optimal decision-making.

One of the most strategic and fundamental types of study, Usage and Attitudes is used to gain an in-depth understanding of the market, existing clients and potential new customers, supporting growth by spotting opportunities to expand and optimise strategy.
U&A research solution has a market-wide coverage addressing issues like frequency of purchase, usage, attitudes towards products/services/brands, strengths and weaknesses, reasons for purchasing and causes for a non-purchasing behaviour, providing clients with a foundational understanding of the markets in which they operate. The U&A research equips managers with enriched insights starting from customer behaviour and journey to multi-factor profiling of users and non-users, including shopping triggers and barriers, supporting next strategic steps based on actionable information.

Powerful strategic insights

  • Customer behaviour and CSAT
  • Measure awareness, shopping frequency and usage
  • Reasons for purchasing, triggers
  • Causes for a non-purchasing behaviour, barriers
  • Market positioning and competitor analysis
  • Differentiating aspects, suggestion of improvements, attitudes, SWOT
  • In-depth customer profile analysis.

Take strategic action to stay relevant and ahead of competitors

Gain an in-depth understanding of your market and consumers.

BICEED Brand Research encompasses qualitative and quantitative research methods with a mix of data sources, providing compulsory insights supporting the creation, development, and ongoing management and strengthening of brands. From understanding your market and developing a launch strategy, to assisting in the development of brand assets, we are committed to uncovering and building the health of your brand.
Whether you are launching a new brand or are an established player, understanding the current landscape is vital. Our agency in-depth analyses data providing complete insights to help you optimise strategy, know your competitors, spot growth opportunities attract new customers and drive loyalty and spend.

We power your brand with:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Awareness
  • Ad and Concept Testing
  • Market Segmentation
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Perception

Build powerful brand strategy and stay one step ahead competitors

Understand your market, your brand performance and competitors.