The FMCG and Retail industry is tremendously competitive and fast-paced. Customers are driven by the desire to “shop around” to secure the best deals, developing smart shopping behaviours. They no longer accept everyday shopping experiences, neither brands at face value and are instead challenging the industry to continue delivering exciting new products, services and enhanced shopping experiences at a faster pace. Consumers now have access to a massive wealth of information and are inundated with choice when making purchases, putting significant power in their hands. Our agency is committed to providing compelling insight built to strengthen the clients’ relation with the point of sale. Using well-grounded research tools, BICEED outcome ready for integration data and insights, helping our partners to improve sales, optimize business, monitor growth, generate demand and make plans for future expansion.

    Get to know your customers
    Supporting customer-centricity
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With the knowledge base of our partners' consumer base, multi-factor profiling customer behaviours and customer journeys, we designed FMCG Plus to provide well structured, ready for integration data at a cost-efficient rate while keeping all the benefits of modularity. The modular research design we propose with FMCG Plus has at its base must-have information about consumers. Always connected to the core, each module of the project builds-up in a complete and actionable insight. Effectively integrated FMCG Plus provides a powerful management tool for executive decision-making. Our analytical views enable you to assess locations, services, assortment as well as to plan expansion, manage risks, provide new ideas on business operations as well as to know your customers, supporting customer-centricity.

  • Improve financial outcomes and spot new business opportunities
  • Reinforce the link between the customer and PoS
  • Drive customer-centricity and strategic decision-making.

Create outstanding in-store shopping experiences

Increase customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and share of wallet.

The FMCG market high dynamic makes it essential to own and integrate with current and relevant data sources. The Catchment Area Study FMCG PLUS is one of the most significant sources of competitive advantage, integrating modules of crucial importance and sustaining strategic management with agenda determined by insights. A data-driven sphere of influence management will draw in customers as a result of efficient targeting based on precise data collected at the PoS.
Our agency collects data at cluster / street / number level, providing ready for integration results with GEO view available. Catchment analysis empowers you with the ability to allocate resources in a planned manner. At the same time, customer profile analysis enables you to concentrate on your most profitable segments, while providing a clear image of your competitors.

Always actionable insights

  • Measure profitability at cluster / street level
  • Get most of marketing ROI - Measure distribution quality
  • Market Share and Competitor Analysis
  • View cluster movement, migration and plan expansion
  • View means of transportation and accesibility
  • Evaluate assortment, services and highlight shopping triggers
  • Know your consumer pool through Customer Profile Analysis.

Grow and control your market share

Target the right customer segments.


Market research in the future will be less about the past or the present, and more about predicting the future. Client profiling must go beyond demographics to explain and predict behaviour as emotions move the world and the consumers. Spotting emotional triggers can modify consumer behaviour. With a great understanding of questions to ask and people to talk to, we blend qualitative and quantitative research methods to get a clear picture of your consumers' lifestyle. While generations have common points, each considers themselves a unique individual, building emotion-based behaviour that prevails at the core of the decisions they make and the relations they create. Our agency provides partners with a deep understanding of transgenerational customer behaviour and lifestyle, sustaining business planning, and active strategic development.


Festivals and events are an excellent opportunity to reach new audiences and meet regular and loyal customers, all this while getting impactful, positive attitudes. Our agency uses every touchpoint to collect data, making sure to leave a lasting impression that intensifies event experience and wins over festival-goers.

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